Data Intelligence Services

RevokarmaHub offers you a unique solution to meet your enterprise-grade data needs and heralding an emerging ideology to the benefit of both - businesses and skilled individuals. Our TEAM delivers services at 95% accuracy, at scale, and work 24x7x365 on search improvement, enabling phone-gaming-TV speech recognition platform, social media, virtual assistant, e-commerce and digital projects.

  • Internet Analysis

    Internet Analysis

    Analyzing relevance of internet webpages, entities, documents & queries meeting all data science needs

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis

    A HUB generating sentiment labels on Twitter data, Facebook data, Blogs and many more

  • Image Analysis

    Image Analysis

    Tagging images for relevance, accuracy or identifying objects and entities with precision

  • Data Classification

    Data Classification

    Excelling in data classification tasks such as products, entities, queries & sentiments | Yielding high accuracy through data classification services

  • Data Verification

    Data Verification

    Verifying business entity addresses, phone numbers, webpages with perfection and meaningfulness

  • Content Generation

    Content Generation

    High quality content creation for blog | Captions | Summarization | Product description | Writing reviews

  • Intent Annotation

    Intent Annotation

    User intent annotation | Slotting | Semantic Annotation of text

  • Audio Transcription

    Audio Transcription

    Transcribe your speech at very high quality and accuracy | Variable length audio | Custom guidelines | Quality-assurance | Tooling | Text To Speech (TTS)

  • label data collection

    Data label collection

    Fulfilling all data services label collection needs | Training and measuring models | Enabling Precision and monitoring feasibility of models

Digital Transformation Services

Digitizing Creativity & Innovation Blending in Disruptive Technologies The Change is Complete

  • Human Virtual Assistance

    Human Virtual Assistance

    Efficient virtual assistants for executing mundane tasks easily & precisely Appointments | Online Research | Booking | Follow-ups | Phone Calls | Calendar

  • Operational Process Digitization

    Operational Process Digitization

    Streamlined operations to create transparent processes promoting accountability, engendering appropriate decisions across organization hierarchy

  • Engineering Speech data collection

    Engineering Speech data collection

    Expertise in collecting Engineered data at scale such as Keyword Speech | Native Speech | Continuous Speech | Custom data collection based on different demographic, multi languages