IT Enabled Services

RevoKarmaHub brings to you high quality end to end IT enabled services at a global scale to fulfil all back office operations with mature industry acumen. With facilities comprising a significant workforce spread in diverse cultures RevoKarmaHub becomes your trusted process & digital partner.

  • Contact Center

    Contact Center

    A central point managing all customer interactions across various channels providing effective & efficient technical support & customer service on Cloud.

  • Data Services

    Data Services

    High quality data services through secure & compliant platforms addressing business specific needs.

  • Finance & Banking

    Finance & Banking

    Cost effective services to cater to your requirements of Accounts, Taxation, Banking.

  • Talent & HR

    Talent & HR

    End to end services related to interviews,assessments, hiring, onboarding and resource lifecycle within the perspective of specific industry requirements.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Social Media management, Branding and Sentiments Analysis for a professional market presence.

  • Content Generation

    Content Generation

    High quality content creation for blog | Captions | Summarization | Product description | Writing reviews

Business Transformation Services

Digitizing Creativity & Innovation Blending in Disruptive Technologies The Change is Complete

  • Human Virtual Assistance

    Human Virtual Assistance

    Efficient virtual assistants for executing mundane tasks easily & precisely Appointments | Online Research | Booking | Follow-ups | Phone Calls | Calendar

  • Operational Process Digitization

    Operational Process Digitization

    Streamlined operations to create transparent processes promoting accountability, engendering appropriate decisions across organization hierarchy

  • Engineering Speech data collection

    Engineering Speech data collection

    Expertise in collecting Engineered data at scale such as Keyword Speech | Native Speech | Continuous Speech | Custom data collection based on different demographic, multi languages