Data Intelligence Services

RevokarmaHub offers you a unique solution to meet your enterprise-grade data needs and heralding an emerging ideology to the benefit of both - businesses and skilled individuals. Our TEAM delivers services at 95% accuracy, at scale, and work 24x7x365 on search improvement, enabling phone-gaming-TV speech recognition platform, social media, virtual assistant, e-commerce and digital projects.

  • Internet Analysis

    Internet Analysis

    Analyzing relevance of internet webpages, entities, documents & queries meeting all data science needs

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis

    A HUB generating sentiment labels on Twitter data, Facebook data, Blogs and many more

  • Image Analysis

    Image Analysis

    Tagging images for relevance, accuracy or identifying objects and entities with precision

  • Data Classification

    Data Classification

    Excelling in data classification tasks such as products, entities, queries & sentiments | Yielding high accuracy through data classification services

  • Data Verification

    Data Verification

    Verifying business entity addresses, phone numbers, webpages with perfection and meaningfulness

  • Content Generation

    Content Generation

    High quality content creation for blog | Captions | Summarization | Product description | Writing reviews

  • Intent Annotation

    Intent Annotation

    User intent annotation | Slotting | Semantic Annotation of text

  • Audio Transcription

    Audio Transcription

    Transcribe your speech at very high quality and accuracy | Variable length audio | Custom guidelines | Quality-assurance | Tooling | Text To Speech (TTS)

  • data label data collection

    Data label data collection

    Fulfilling all data label data collection needs | Training and measuring models | Enabling Precision and monitoring feasibility of models

Digital Transformation Services

Digitizing Creativity & Innovation Blending in Disruptive Technologies The Change is Complete

  • Human Virtual Assistance

    Human Virtual Assistance

    Efficient virtual assistants for executing mundane tasks easily & precisely Appointments | Online Research | Booking | Follow-ups | Phone Calls | Calendar

  • Operational Process Digitization

    Operational Process Digitization

    Streamlined operations to create transparent processes promoting accountability, engendering appropriate decisions across organization hierarchy

  • Engineering Speech data collection

    Engineering Speech data collection

    Expertise in collecting Engineered data at scale such as Keyword Speech | Native Speech | Continuous Speech | Custom data collection based on different demographic, multi languages

What Clients Say

" We are more than satisfied with the services we are offered from the high quality privately managed Cloud resources at RevokarmarHub. The business partnership thus derived remains cemented firmly. "

Beatrice Hogan, Lead Project Manager

" Extremely fast onboarding with correct understanding of our business requirements by RevokarmarHub ensures smoother workflows with a methodical approach for Engineering Speech Data Collection services in a very short time. The agile teams draw us to this mature collaboration. "

Robert Lee, Data Scientist

" Consistent delivery with high quality judgments surpasses the defined SLAs when RevokarmarHub is in the picture. We are super thrilled to leverage their global service delivery models to expedite our project execution, which leads to definite savings in cost and improved cost of ownership. "

Jennifer Workman, Principle Program Manager


When automation alone isn't enough and where human judgments are required, human-in-the-loop automation enables massive amounts of manual work to be processed accurately, at lightning speed and hyper-efficiently.

Karma Force

A marketplace for digital work connecting demand for digital talents with supply.

  • Satisfy Unique Needs
  • Custom Training
  • Industry Use Cases
  • Scalability
  • Elasticity
Karma Tech

The marketplace's enabling technology that distributes work to qualified talents.

  • Limited Liability
  • Young & Wide Skill Base
  • distributes work
  • Big Platform
  • Latest Technology
Karma International

Our demand generation program sourcing work internationally for the Digital India workforce.

  • Digital India
  • Collaboration
  • Culture Sharing
  • Understanding Entrepot Trade
  • Unlimited Support